Jan Michael Schuller

Group Leader, Mentor, CryoEM Maniac and Father

Jan's motivation is to understand biological CO2 fixation and to combine the obtained knowledge with synthetic biology and biotechnological methods to help combat man-made climate change. 

He is writing grants, papers, sits in committees and video conferences... PI stuff. Sometimes he interferes with peoples CryoEM processing.

In his free-time he is mainly a proud father of a 3-year old Ballerina, Princess, Ninja... little girl.


Anuj Kumar

PhD Student

Anuj received his BS-MS from IISER Mohali, India. His goal is to decipher the structural dynamics of protein complexes that play an important role in bioenergetic processes. To do this, he uses a comprehensive combination of techniques, including cryo-EM and molecular dynamics simulation. 


Before he came to the lab, he worked at the German Electron Synchrotron Hamburg, and at the Kavli Institute Of Nanoscience at TU Delft.  


When he is not in the laboratory, he likes to spend his time reading books.



Paulina Linke

Technical (Student) Assistant

Paulina is a trained technician with previous industry experience. She is currently studying "Humanbiologie" and is working part-time in the lab. She keeps the lab together and in order.  

Paulina does a lot of cloning for Jan's crazy ideas.


Yat Kei Lo

PhD Student

Can we combat global warming by turning CO2 into fuel, fabric, plastic, or any commodity efficiently? Yat Kei is curious about how organisms capture CO2 and how we can use their amazing ability to build a green future. Currently he is investigating mechanisms of various prokaryotic carbon concentration mechanisms (CCM) – extraordinary adaptations driving carbon fixation using structural, biochemical, and molecular techniques. He aims to translate his finding into an efficient synthetic carbon-harnessing machinery. He believes learning from the nature is the key to a sustainable future.


Lena Schmück

Intern, Visiting Scientist, Soon to be Master student

Lena came to the lab as an intern and decided to stay. A testimony to the good working atmosphere and the great people.